These Are The Most Visited Countries Of The World. #No. 1 Is A No-Brainer

Whoever dreams to travel the world has some sort of a bucket list, as to where they want to go. And going by the popularity of some countries, many people have the names of those countries on their bucket list for sure. We all know which places we love the most, but here we are going to tell you which countries are loved by most of the people in this world because most of the tourists come to these countries to quench their thirst of traveling to new places and having new experiences.

10. Thailand 32.6m (2016)

One of the most vibrant of countries in the world, Thailand not boasts of scenic natural beauty to give a treat to your eyes, it is relatively less expensive when compared to many of the other most visited countries. Thailand is not just visited by Asians, but many people from the West also travel to the nation where you will get to relax on the amazing tropical beaches and where you get to visit the ornate temples. The comforts and hustle-bustle of the capital city Bangkok are balanced by the beauty of the beaches.

9. Mexico 35m (2016)

The second most visited country of the Americas only after the United States, Mexico is quite popular when it comes to tourism. Having many World Heritage sites, Mexico attracts tourists from around the world because of the colonial cities, natural reserves, ancient ruins, works of modern architecture. Mexican cuisine is also one of the major factors that attract people to come to the country of the Mayan Civilization.

8. Germany 35.6m (2016)

Having a historical significance so profound that the thought of visiting Germany excites many people from many generations currently living in this world. The starting point of many trans-European vacations, Germany is one of the safest countries in Europe today and it has a lot to offer so that you are not left asking for more.

7. United Kingdom 35.8m (2016)

Who cannot recognize this country from just a mere glance of the Big Ben or the London Eye or the Tower Bridge or even the red phone booths and buses? Well, when a country has a dynamic culture, great tourism facilities and infrastructure and many historical sites, then who in their right minds would not want to come and visit this country at least once in their lifetime!


6. Turkey 39.5m (2015)

Beautifully straddling between two continents of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is one the most popular and most populated cities in the world. Although Turkey has been one of the most visited countries since many years because of its cultural diversity and historical heritage since 2015 the number tourists have declined due to the political instability.

5. Italy 52.4m (2016)

Italy has around 51 World Heritage Sites (the most in any country) and even this fact alone could have been enough to make people want to visit this exquisite nation. But that’s not enough, because Italy doesn’t just give you a treat to the eyes, but makes one go soak the sun on the beaches on its extensive coastline, makes your taste-buds go on a journey of a lifetime with its culinary delicacies, and makes you wonder how amazingly has a country risen from so many invasions and conquests. Italy is not a just a place to go and enjoy, it is a way of life which can give you moments that make the most amazing of memories.

4. China- 59.3m (2016)

Having a distinctive culture whose presence has spread to the world for a few decades, China has emerged as one of the most visited countries of the world in recent times. In China, you can see and experience a vast variety of natural wonders, architectural marvels, exotic culture and a modern cityscape. What else do you need to make your vacation satisfying?

3. Spain- 75.6m (2016)

There is no country in the world where you can visit a Church which has been in the making since 1882 or eat at the oldest restaurant, named Casa Botín which has been operational since 1725 or visit Egyptian Temples and thousand-year-old mosques or be present at the parties of the world. Truly, Spain has such a great variety of things that you see and do here, that if you don’t visit this country at least once in your lifetime, your life itself may seem incomplete.

2. United States Of America -77.5m (2015)

There is no country better known in the world as the United States of America; whether for being the superpower of the world, or for having the best casinos, or for being the Home to Hollywood. World’s most multicultural country sees a massive amount of tourists who want to grab their special small bite of the Big Apple, try their luck in Las Vegas, get starstruck in California and see the faces of the four most popular Presidents of the country carved out of a mountain.

1. France – 82.6m  (2016)

Now we had already told you that the Number #1 spot on this list is a no-brainer, and I am pretty sure most of you already knew about it. France is the most visited country in the world, with Paris being the major reason why millions of people come to the country. But, that is not all, France is also loved for its coastal resorts, wine regions and small villages that dot the entire country’s border.

So, these are the most visited countries of the world, with millions from across the world reaching each of these countries every day. Which one is your favourite among these?

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When someone's passions include travelling and writing, they end up creating their own piece of the world on Internet and that is what the Founder of WoP has done by creating this website. But, the catch here is that she is trying to show the best of places to help people explore our world.
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Kanchan Choudhary

When someone's passions include travelling and writing, they end up creating their own piece of the world on Internet and that is what the Founder of WoP has done by creating this website. But, the catch here is that she is trying to show the best of places to help people explore our world.

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