About Us

Whenever we get to immerse ourselves in a new kind of experience, especially going to a place whether for the first time or for the millionth time, there are great chances that some or the other moment just takes some special place in our heart. Each place leaves an impact on our mind, much like writings on the wall, and going by the feel of that phrase, we at Writings On Places like to write about those special places, special moments, and special people who tend to leave those writings on our mind, heart and soul.

We started this website in the month of October of 2017, with an intention to share with the world how it feels to be at some place, whether that place is as small as a restaurant or as big as an entire country. Apart from sharing the experiences of the world, we would also like to share some fun facts about various places. In fact, if you want us to cover someplace, you can certainly message us, and we would love to do that for you. The surprise for every one of you, who have come here for the first time and has landed on this page, is that even you can be a part of this story-telling experience. Yes, you got that right! If you too have a place which basically resides in your heart, and you want to share that love with the world, then you are most welcome to Write For Us.

Drop in an email at info@writingsonplaces.com, if you have any queries on the usage of the website or if you want to write for us or just give feedback.  We would love to hear from you. 🙂

Have a Great Day!!